Thailand Retirement Visa Assistance

We will help you obtain a retirement visa so you have the security to stay in Thailand long-term, worry free. We handle all paperwork and hold your hand through the process.

If you'd like our assistance to obtain a retirement visa, we can assist you once you arrive in Thailand. We will accompany you to the bank to set up an account that will meet the financial requirement and prepare all documentation. We will set up an appointment time at Immigration and escort you to get your visa. 

It's easiest to enter Thailand with a tourist visa, then get a retirement visa once you're already in Thailand. First you must get a "Non O" visa on the basis of retirement. This is a 90 day visa that can be extended annually.

Retirement Visa Requirements:

  • Residency in Chiang Mai
  • 800,000 THB (approximately $25,000 USD) in a Thai bank account 2 months before applying and 3 months after

Important Note:

Visas are issued in the province where you can provide a rental agreement or verification of residency. If you prefer to remain nomadic and/or hold your money outside of a Thai bank account, we can assist you to obtain a long stay visa using alternative methods. Contact us for more information.

Retirement Visa Assistance

  • We take you to the bank to open a bank account and help you to make international transfer methods approved by the Thai government
  • Appointment time at Immigration. Our clients are typically in and out in less than 1 hour 
  • Escort you to Immigration, including transportation to and from your accommodation
  • Obtain initial Non-O visa (valid for 3 months) and Extension (valid for 1 year)
  • 90 day report reminders

$800 USD/25,000 THB

Non-O +1 year Extension (15 month visa) inclusive of service and government fees

Please note, we are located in Chiang Mai and issue visas through the Chiang Mai Immigration office. To meet financial requirement guidelines and process your visa in time, we need a minimum of 40 days left on your current visa.

COVID Special!

Enter Thailand + Retirement Visa Assistance

We will help you to meet government requirements to enter Thailand. We will file your COE and guide you through COVID-specific paperwork so you don't encounter any problems boarding your flight and entering Thailand.

Once you arrive in Thailand, we will assist you to open a bank account and obtain a retirement visa, including all services listed above.

$1,000 USD/31,500 THB 

Entry to Thailand paperwork + 15 month visa

Other visa services and fees

Visa Extension Assistance (valid for 1 year): $220 USD/7,500 THB (including government fees) *Discount for returning clients

Re-entry permit: Government fee of $30 USD/1,000 THB (single) or $120 USD/3,800 THB (multiple)

90 day report filing on your behalf: $15 USD / 500 THB per report


*Current exchange rate (May 2021) included to help you understand service fees. Kindly note, payment is due in Thai baht.

Don't live in Chiang Mai?

Can't meet the financial requirement? Not enough processing time left on your visa?

No problem. We handle special/extreme cases.


If you'd like us to assist you, please email us the following:

  1. Name and age
  2. Country passport is issued by
  3. If you're outside of Thailand, estimated date of arrival in Thailand
  4. If you're already in Thailand, current visa and date of expiration
  5. City in Thailand where you plan to live

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