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Experience the Lifestyle of a Retired Expat in 2 days

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Chiang Mai is known to be one of the best places for foreigners to retire. Low cost of living, kind people, amazing food, and quality healthcare - You can read endless articles about the comforts of the city, but to know if it is the right place for you, you need to visit the city and experience it for yourself.

In just two days, we give you a realistic idea of what life is like as a retired expat in Chiang Mai - housing, healthcare, culture, community, and lifestyle. We customize the experience based on your interests and budget so you know exactly what your lifestyle could be like retiring in Chiang Mai.

View houses and apartments

We show you 3 to 4 properties within your budget and desired style of home - whether its a simple studio apartment or a luxurious 4 bedroom villa. Learn of the different neighborhoods, your housing options, and the range in amenities available.

Tour a hospital and dental office

We take you to the expat hospital and dentist's office of choice so you can see the facilities, the care provided, and what you can expect to pay. We tell you the pros and cons of local and private healthcare facilities in the city so you know where to go and how to get the care you need.

Learn about Thai Culture

The innate influence of Buddhism is prevalent everywhere you go in Chiang Mai. Thai people are kind and  the city is peaceful. But there are major cultural differences that are unknown to Westerners and take years of miscommunications to understand. Hailey will take you to a local temple where she volunteered teaching monks English. You will learn about Thai traditions and Buddhist practices and she will share insight about Thai culture from an American perspective.

Explore expat communities and local events

There is always something going on in Chiang Mai. Depending on the time of the year and the day of the week, we will take you to a market, community gathering, or local event so you can get a taste of the expat lifestyle. In the past we have brought clients to a jazz festival, charity garden fair, and quaint craft market unknown to tourists.

chiang mai relocation expat tour with clients

"After Hailey's two-day introductory tour, and with the information in the Land of Smiles booklet that provides recommendations, tips and cultural insights, I felt confident enough to decide to retire to Chiang Mai. I would highly recommend this wonderful, reassuring and insightful introduction. Thank you!"

"Hailey’s 'Taste of Chaing Mai' was outstanding in giving me a real look at what my life would be like living in Chiang Mai."

"Land of Smiles Retirement Assistance provided the perfect introduction to what it would be like to move to Chiang Mai. I particularly appreciated the cultural and expat insights and explanations that Hailey provided. I felt as if she was a good friend passing on the knowledge she has gained over years and answering the many questions I had from how I would go about getting a visa to how to behave respectfully in Buddhist temples to the ways in which Thais view the many tourists and retirees in Chiang Mai."

"Hailey clearly loves Thailand and the Thai people and their culture. She has the knowledge of a local and is quite fluent in Thai. I could tell how positively the Thai people responded to her and I got the benefit of that."