Moving to a new country is complicated. Let us handle it.

Pre-Arrival Guidance | Relocation Consulting | Continuous Support

For the smoothest relocation, some things should be done prior to your arrival in Chiang Mai. That's why we start our consulting while you're still in your home country. We recommend banking and visa practices that will save you time and money, and send a to-do list so you are well prepared and informed.

Once you arrive in Chiang Mai, we help you with all of your concerns - visa, banking, housing, healthcare, insurance, and transportation. We connect you with expat communities and provide insight of cultural differences from an American perspective.



Immigration’s policies are always changing and requirements are dependent on the type of retirement visa you obtain. We work with you to see which visa is best for your lifestyle and clearly explain the paperwork required.  Immigration's strict (and often unknown) policies can cause problems for foreigners that are unfamiliar with their requirements - resulting in fines and complications obtaining a retirement visa. We collect the visa requirements and take you to Immigration to ensure it is done smoothly and correctly.


We provide consulting prior to your arrival so you can set up accounts for the best international banking practices and transfer methods (some of which must be done in your home country). Once you arrive in Chiang Mai, we prepare the paperwork and accompany you to our bank of choice in a central part of the city. You will have everything you need to meet Immigration’s financial requirement and can use the bank’s services as soon as you walk out.


One of the most attractive parts of Chiang Mai is the range of affordable housing. Our on the ground support know of retired expat's most desirable short-term housing options. We help you find the most suitable home for you and handle all of the documents Immigration requires of you and your landlord. When you're ready for a long-term rental or purchase, our realtor will drive you around the city to find your dream home. Once you’ve gotten settled, our Thai-speaking team will connect you with local gardeners, cleaners, and other house maintenance services.

Healthcare & Insurance

Thailand is known for affordable healthcare and superb facilities - but when you first arrive, you don't know where to go. We consult you on the best health insurance for you and the most reputable hospitals and dentists. We share the pros and cons of local and private healthcare facilities in the city and recommend our General Practitioner and Dentist of choice.


The various transportation methods will become easy and attainable - you will understand the different modes of transportation, how much to pay, and things to look out for. We can help you get a Thai drivers license and guide you through car and motorcycle purchases.

Cultural Immersion

The happiest expats in Chiang Mai are those that have an understanding of the culture. Hailey takes you to the temple where she volunteered teaching monks so you can learn about Buddhist traditions and cultural differences unknown to Westerners. An introductory Thai language lesson with Kru Nui will provide you with common greetings and practical phrases that you can use at markets and restaurants. Plus, our Guidebook includes information about the Do's & Don'ts of Thailand - and how to handle dealings with Thai police and Immigration officers.


One of the best parts about Chiang Mai is the diverse expat community. Numerous community groups unite like-minded people, with something for everyone. Once we get to know you and your interests, we recommend weekly events and hobby groups popular among expats and locals - including cycling, hiking, theater, music, volunteering, and mindfulness meet ups - just to name a few. And with our weekly newsletter, you will stay up to date with Chiang Mai events, classes, and workshops throughout your retirement in Chiang Mai.

Even after your initial relocation, you can continue to explore the city with our guidance. Our Live Like a Local All you Need to Know Guidebook includes the expat's favorite restaurants, grocery and furniture stores, the city's best massage shops, and secret explorations.

We advise you on everything you need to know to meet the visa requirements and experience a life of beauty and ease in Chiang Mai.