Enjoy the Ease of Thailand Elite

The easiest, most secure way to live in Thailand

The Thailand Elite visa is the easiest way to live in Thailand with the security of long-term residency. Elite membership allows you to skip the hassle of meeting visa requirements and dealings with Immigration year after year. If you want to pay for convenience and peace of mind, this is the visa for you.

As a relocation consultant and Elite visa agent, I will not only help you get the Elite visa, but I'll also assist you through your relocation. I'll share relocation tips for expats and assist you to enter Thailand, free of charge. You only pay the cost of the visa.

Packages range from 5-20 years, and start at $18,000 USD.

Assistance you can trust

Hailey Hicks Thailand Elite qualifications

I am an agent with Star Visa Service, an Authorized Seller and Service Agent for the Thailand Elite Membership program. Star Visa Service is the main service point for all Elite members in Chiang Mai.

When we assist you to obtain Elite membership, you receive not only Elite privileges and services included in your membership, but additional support we provide exclusively to our clients.

Click here to view our qualifications on the official Thailand Elite website

Benefits of working with me:

  • Assistance to meet COVID-specific requirements to enter Thailand, including your Thailand Pass
  • Join our community! We are a small team and like to stay connected with our clients. I host events exclusively for my Elite clients and provide helpful information in our community page.
  • $50 USD donated to Thai Freedom House, an organization that provides emergency aid for refugees from Myanmar

As a Sales Agent, I don't charge any service fees (I receive commission for clients I assist). That means it doesn't cost you any more than working with Elite directly!

I genuinely love my job. I'm honored to help my clients create a life of joy and abundance in Thailand, and I'm excited for the opportunity to help you through your transition too!


I arrived in Phuket sandbox on 5 October 2021 from London with a visa on arrival which I will switch to Elite. I can only echo all the positive comments below about this service. It all began with a video call in late July and every step of the way Hailey and Sammie took care of all the application process from start to finish. I am truly glad I used this service and would recommend to anybody planning to visit Thailand at the moment. I particularly liked the way I was kept up to date with the frequent changes to covid rules so I didn't have to worry about a thing. Thank you Hailey and Sammie.
- Clive, Brit

Hailey made it easy for me to get the thai elite visa. She filled out all the forms for me, walked me through the whole process -- and the process is not so easy in our current covid age (you're going to want an assistant to help with the myriad things the government asks of you). With Hailey I could just have her handle all of it -- and she can do your quarterly reportings too. So I think if you want a visa in today's world and planning to come to Thailand she's a very good choice. And she's also just very nice, like you see in the videos here.
-Brant, Canadian Entrepreneur moving from Korea

Hailey and her colleague Sammie (aka The Visa Angel !) have nailed their business process for getting this visa. This process was extremely smooth & fast! In my life/career I have churned through ~8 residency/passport processes and this was honestly <5% of the average of previous dramas. It is almost as if Thailand wants us there... you don't quite get that vibe in the surrounding area!! I'm pretty happy that I stumbled upon her Youtube vid & took action!

-John, CPA from Australia

Hailey has been a wonderful asset with helping me get my Elite visa. She is extremely knowledgeable with all of the requirements including what is needed to enter Thailand. Hailey took care of everything for me and made the process very easy. Highly recommend!

- Shawn, American moving from Bali

I want to thank Hailey very much for assisting me in the elite visa process.
She made things much easier and her expertise reassured me that I was proceeding correctly. I got from RetireinChiangMai good tips, information and a smooth experience.
Her colleague Sammie helped me with the COE.
The whole process was very quick to my surprise. I highly recommend using her service.

-Daniel, Software Engineer from Quebec, Canada

I have just completed a more than two month process of assessing, decision-making and executing a plan for obtaining my Thai Elite visa, and Hailey has been an absolute star in shepherding me through it all. Especially in the difficult and changing conditions of Covid, her diligent professionalism made all the difference.From my first consultation through to my arrival in Thailand, Hailey was a reliable, knowledgeable and courteous partner. She always made herself available, worked hard to track down accurate info, and generally gave me peace of mind that I was in good hands. She did all the leg work on the application and also resolved a number of random, tricky matters that cropped up along the way with both Thai immigration and Thai Elite themselves. I don't know how I would have made it through this process without her help and am very grateful for her dedicated efforts on my behalf. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for a smart, honest and reliable consultant to help with their Thai visa.

-Steve, American retiree relocating from Hong Kong

Wouldn't have wanted to go through this process without her assistance. Especially during this whole "situation".
Although the Thai speak English - trust me - you want Hailey there "by your side" from scratch to the end.

-Wan K., Entrepreneur from Denmark

She made a rather difficult process much more accessible. I am glad I chose to use her and definitely would do so again!

- Jim F., American retiree / Spiritual Teacher relocating from Mexico

Thanks Hailey for such wonderful service! 5 stars!From start to finish Hailey took care of everything for me - even some extra steps that were particular to my case!Communication was very clear.Highly recommended. I will ask Hailey to help with my brother's visa application next year.

-Matt, British Entrepreneur relocating from Japan

Great thanks to Hailey @RetireinChiangMaiI have been trying to navigate the Thai Embassy in LA web site. When it came to filling out the paperwork and figuring out what I needed to do, it became very frustrating. I searched YouTube for help and found a video on RetireinChiangMai, with Hailey. The video was very informative and went thru all the steps necessary to complete the forms and when to submit the correct information. My wife and I scheduled a phone conversation with Hailey and she assured us we could get to Thailand by April like we had planned. Hailey helped us with all the paperwork to get the Elite 5 year visa and the visa exemption upon entry when we arrived on April 3rd. I emailed Hailey multiple times and she responded back with encouragement and positive information, including while we were at the airport getting ready to fly to Tokyo and the people at the airport were saying the visa upon arrival was suspended. Hailey came thru with her positive and caring response as usual. Thanks to Hailey, my wife and I are in Thailand on 3 April starting our quarantine. Thanks Hailey for your commitment.

-Mike and Niccole, American couple living in Pattaya

I don't normally review companies as I guess there seem to be so many fake reviews about that I wonder about their true value.That said, I have absolutely no problem reviewing Hailey, as I believe the service she provided was second to none. Not only did she help us with the Elite Visa applications, but in these testing times for travel, she supplied not only a road map  (figuratively speaking) of how to get here with the (constantly changing) documentation but completed virtually all of it for us via online services.Not only that but her fee is included in the price you pay to Elite Visa, so even if you did it all yourself you'd pay the same price regardless. I highly recommend her without hesitation, and indeed the Elite Visa people here are also superbly efficient. 

-Paul T., British superstar relocating from Spain

I found Hailey from her YouTube channel explaining about how to apply for Thai Elite Visa. As I was very interested, I immediately contacted Hailey via email after I visited her website.At that time, I was not sure whether she was a right person to help me. Nevertheless, I made an appointment with her to discuss more details and to understand the application process for Elite Visa.Subsequently, I was very impressed with Hailey's knowledge about Elite Visa application. She answered all the questions that I asked very patiently. Hailey provided me her full support throughout my application process, providing information ASQ hotels, COE submission, Covid health insurance service providers and all other information related to Covid quarantine in Thailand. Hailey was very responsive whenever I needed her support during the whole process. Interestingly, I even took her advice for choosing my ASQ hotel in Bangkok.Thanks to Hailey, I have now successfully become an Elite Visa Member of Thailand. I have also recently moved to Thailand.In summary, I am sure that I made the best decision in choosing Retire in Chiang Mai to help me in my Thailand Elite Visa application. I hope to keep in touch with Hailey for other assistance that she offers. 

-Esther L., Ethical Trade Consultant from Myanmar


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The Most Common Mistakes on Elite Visa Applications

  • Signature on application doesn't match passport signature
  • The question "Have you ever overstayed your visa in Thailand?" does NOT mean a 30 day extension on a tourist visa or an extension due to the COVID-19 visa amnesty. If you have stayed longer than your visa (and any extensions or renewals) is valid for, you will  have an "overstay" stamp in your passport. If you're not sure, be sure to email us so we can clarify if you have ever overstayed.