Enjoy the ease of Thailand Elite

The easiest, most secure way to live in Thailand 

The Thailand Elite visa allows foreigners to live in Thailand with the security of a long-term residency. Elite membership allows you to skip the hassle of meeting visa requirements and dealings with Immigration year after year. If you want to pay for convenience and ease, this is the visa for you.

As a relocation consultant and Elite visa agent, I will not only help you get the Elite visa, but I'll also assist you through your relocation. I'll share all of my relocation tips for expats and assist you to enter Thailand, free of charge. You only pay the cost of the visa.

Packages range from 5-20 years, and start at $20,000 USD.

Assistance you can trust

I am an agent with Star Visa Service, an Authorized Seller and Service Agent for the Thailand Elite Membership program. Star Visa Service is the main service point for Elite members in Chiang Mai.

When we assist you to obtain Elite membership, you receive not only Elite privileges and services included in your membership, but additional support we provide exclusively to our clients. As a Sales Agent, we don't charge any service fees. That means it doesn't cost you any more than working with Elite directly!

Check our qualifications on the official Thailand Elite website. 

I have just completed a more than two month process of assessing, decision-making and executing a plan for obtaining my Thai Elite visa, and Hailey has been an absolute star in shepherding me through it all. Especially in the difficult and changing conditions of Covid, her diligent professionalism made all the difference.

From my first consultation through to my arrival in Thailand, Hailey was a reliable, knowledgeable and courteous partner. She always made herself available, worked hard to track down accurate info, and generally gave me peace of mind that I was in good hands. She did all the leg work on the application and also resolved a number of random, tricky matters that cropped up along the way with both Thai immigration and Thai Elite themselves.

I don’t know how I would have made it through this process without her help and am very grateful for her dedicated efforts on my behalf. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a smart, honest and reliable consultant to help with their Thai visa.

-Steve, American retiree relocating from Hong Kong

Thanks Hailey for such wonderful service! 5 stars!

From start to finish Hailey took care of everything for me - even some extra steps that were particular to my case!

Communication was very clear.

Highly recommended. I will ask Hailey to help with my brother's visa application next year.

-Matt, British Entrepreneur

Just would like to drop a quick note to anyone interested in moving to Thailand, that when I was considering moving I happened to come across Hailey’s YouTube video and contacted her accordingly. She was a huge help in guiding me through the numerous hurdles and believe me it can be daunting! However her pleasant manner and infinite patience was a breath of fresh air and I am now living my dream having got my elite visa and now reside in Bangkok worry free. Thank you Hailey 

-Chris, UK

thanks to RETIRE IN CHIANG MAI I got my elite visa very easy, fast and without stress and now I'm in Thailand! Hailey Hicks she is a very good professional agent that give me a lot of information and help me a lot, she is also a very friendly and nice woman. I recommend to anybody that need a visa for come to Thailand in this hard time for travelers to contact her.

- Emiliano C., Retired Muay Thai fighter from Italy

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The Most Common Mistakes on Elite Visa Applications

  • Signature on application doesn't match passport signature
  • The question "Have you ever overstayed your visa in Thailand?" does NOT mean a 30 day extension on a tourist visa or an extension due to the COVID-19 visa amnesty. If you have stayed longer than your visa (and any extensions or renewals) is valid for, you will  have an "overstay" stamp in your passport. If you're not sure, be sure to email us so we can clarify if you have ever overstayed.