Retire and Live in Chiang mai, thailand

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles for its friendly and welcoming people, and Chiang Mai is one of its most beautiful cities. It's an ideal place to retire, becoming more and more popular with Westerners seeking a high quality life at a very low cost. If you have not yet visited Chiang Mai, please take our photo tour, from the bustling center city, to the serene life just outside of town. And we are happy to help you learn about visa requirements, housing, cost of living, healthcare, lifestyle, and much more.

Happy life in Thailand when retired.

Our Relocate & Retirement programs

Whether you are just thinking about moving to Thailand, or have made up your mind and are now making plans to come, we can support you with our expertise and passion to help you start your new life in Chiang Mai. We love our city and want you to feel its charm as we do.

Chiang Mai  is Thailand's third largest city. Whether you choose the bustle in the center of town, or the serene mountains and sIow pace of life just outside the city, Chiang Mai offers all the diversity and opportunities you could ask for. Chiang Mai has excellent healthcare, an inexpensive cost of living, cultural charm, and friendly people who welcome Westerners. Additionally, it is a Thai tradition to respect elders, making retirees from Western countries particularly comfortable in Chiang Mai.

But we know how difficult and stressful it can be to learn and comply with the regulations and requirements of moving to a new country: visa/housing/healthcare/banking/etc. It's complex — and all in a foreign language — making local assistance imperative. Working with our dedicated team saves you time, money and frustration. We are here to help you with not just governmental requirements, but all your relocation needs - and provide you with advice and recommendations that would take you years to learn to thrive in a new city. With our team (made up of both American and Thais) you will work with locals who know the reality of how things work and how to get things done.

We offer two programs:

Learn how you can retire in Chiang Mai

When you first arrive in Chiang Mai we recommend you stay within the city for your short term accommodations to get to know our different neighborhoods. There are a range of environments within ten minutes of each other, from fancy high-rises to traditional apartments. We are happy to advise you on some of the best places to stay within your price range.

If you find a hotel or temporary accommodation on your own, make sure the owners can provide you with the paperwork that meet Immigration's requirements to avoid a fine or a delay in acquiring your visa.

Once you are familiar with the city, our real estate agent can help you you find a home that's right for you, whether it's a modern condo or a Thai-style house in the forest.

moving to chiang mai

Making the move with your loving partner?

We provide discounts for couples.

cost of living in Chiang Mai

Can't meet the visa's financial requirement?

We have a solution.


We understand some people are "do it yourselfers" and only want help with the complicated services that require a Thai-speaking experienced local, all of which are covered in our All-Inclusive Relocation Package (visa, banking set up, healthcare guidance and long-term housing guidance).

So for those who desire it, we offer additional services, either immediately upon your arrival, or long after you arrive, to make your move simple and comfortable:

  • Pet transport
  • Airport pickup and assistance checking in to your hotel
  • Motorbike / car rental assistance
  • Additional city tours
  • Thai language and cultural awareness classes
  • Moving assistance and storage space
  • Wifi and cable installation
  • Cleaning services
  • Private yoga lessons
  • Legal consulting
  • Home food delivery
  • Visa extension