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We love Thailand, and especially the home we've made in Chiang Mai. We'd love to share our knowledge and experience to help you make Chiang Mai your home as well.


Founder.  Consultant. Thailand enthusiast.

Hi, I'm Hailey, the "Thailand Elite Specialist" and Director of Retire in Chiang Mai. I am an American expat with a love for Chiang Mai, Thai culture, and the lifestyle available to foreigners.

The complexities of visas, housing, healthcare, and cultural differences can be overwhelming and confusing. Every client's budget, interests, and desired lifestyle are different and should be dealt with differently. I have spent years mastering the relocation process and love to share my network and local know-how.  I provide consulting personalized to each client so they can live their best life in Thailand.

I am committed to my clients' happiness, making the transition not only easy, but exciting and fun! I'd be honored to help you create your dream life in Thailand.


Visa Angel. Local Thai friend. Your Go-To Girl. 

Sammie is the real mastermind behind all things related to retirement visas. With over 5 years of experience and thousands of trips to the Immigration office, Sammie is a pro when it comes to the complexities of visa requirements and what it takes to make Immigration happy. She knows exactly what needs to get done to make visa processing quick and easy for you. Sammie's kind and patient assistance handling paperwork and dealings at Immigration make her more than just a visa agent - she's our (and your!) visa angel.

Sammie's interest in learning new things make her a fun and knowledgeable local friend. She can assist you with more than just visas - she'll help you throughout your initial set up and remain your go-to local whenever you need help.

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