Meet the Team

We love Thailand, and we especially love our home town of Chiang Mai. We'd love to share our knowledge and experience to help you make Chiang Mai your home as well.


Director. Founder. Thailand enthusiast.

Hailey moved to Chiang Mai shortly after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in California. Upon arrival, she fell in love with the city, the culture, and the community of expats she found in Chiang Mai. When her tourist visa was soon to expire, she was determined to make a permanent move to Thailand. Through this process, she learned the complications dealing with the Thai bureaucracy and everything it takes to live here (visas, health insurance, local real estate, you name it). Without any proper guidance on how to do this, she ended up wasting a lot of money, time, and energy. After gaining the knowledge, experience, resources, and even learning Thai, she developed a passion for helping people who wanted to make the move here like she did. Hailey loves the personal connection with her clients as their go-to resource and showing them that the transition is not only easy, but exciting and fun!


Visa master. World-class woman. Boss.

Khun Nueng, a Chiang Mai native, is the city’s finest Retirement Visa expert. She keeps up to date with all of Immigration’s policies and requirements to make the visa process clear, easy, and quick. With her concise and straight-forward approach, it’s no wonder why her Thai name means “Number One.”


Chiang Mai native. Realtor. Rockstar.

Anna is a local celebrity. At night, you can find her singing at local jazz clubs and venues. During the day, she’s busy showing houses and looking for special deals for foreigners looking for leases. With her British accent and quick wit, she will win your heart (and your dream home).


Thai teacher. Avid researcher. Fitness lover.

Teacher Dtun (Toon) is a language and culture specialist. While working on her PhD, she and teaches Thai language privately to foreigners. After spending time in New York, she truly understands Western culture and how to best integrate foreigners into Thai society. If she likes you, she just might invite you to hike with her.


Chiang Mai native. World explorer. Humble yogi.

Ae knows the in-and-outs of Chiang Mai. An experienced international tour guide of 15 years, she loves to share her culture and connect with foreigners abroad. When Ae isn’t flying a helicopter through the Na Pali coast or relaxing on the beaches of the Seychelles, she can help you perfect your downward dog.


Vegan chef. Food delivery & Moving assistant. Brother to all.

Kae is a local chef and architect. Through adapting his mom's secret Thai recipes to vegetarian diets and innovating Western and Thai fusions, Kae has made a name for himself within the expat community.  As brother Kae says, “Everything, I can do.”

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