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Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles due to its friendly and welcoming people, and Chiang Mai is one of its most beautiful cities. The inexpensive cost of living, excellent healthcare, and cultural charm make it a wonderful place to retire. Whether you choose the scenic mountains and slow pace of life, or the bustling city center with its diverse offerings, Chiang Mai offers a safe and comfortable lifestyle, with plenty of things to do and people to meet.

If you are considering retiring to Chiang Mai, we are here to help guide you. The move can be exciting - but without local assistance - it can also be stressful and confusing. Our dedicated team will handle all of your relocation needs and provide you with recommendations that take years of living in the city to learn. As Chiang Mai "locals" our experience saves you money, time, misinformation, and the inevitable frustration that can arise during the move. Let us guide you through this process to welcome you home to Thailand with confidence and peace of mind.

All you need to know to retire in Thailand

What I do

I work with you before and after your arrival to make the move fun and easy. I will educate you on your visa options and get you settled into your new city. I service all of Thailand for Elite & Retirement visas, and offer more personalized relocation assistance in Chiang Mai. I will connect you with local specialists and provide relocation consulting so you can retire with ease.

  • Retirement Visa & Thailand Elite Residency by Investment
  • Thailand Relocation Consulting
  • Bank account set up & Immigration-approved transfer methods
  • Medical, dental & health insurance advice
  • Housing assistance
  • Language & culture classes
  • Local-know-how and cultural insight
  • Connections with expat communities
  • Retired Expats Guide to Chiang Mai, so you know the locals' secrets from the moment you arrive (the best markets and restaurants, things to do, transportation, dealings with police, and more)

I'm an American expat with a love for Chiang Mai and the the many joys of life in Thailand - the kind, warm locals, the amazing fresh food, the humbling greenery and wildlife, the community of expats, and the inexpensive cost of living.

I have turned my passion into my profession: teaching others how to live a life of abundance and freedom in Thailand.

As an American with a background in business and hospitality, I understand Westerners expectations and the concerns and questions you have preparing for the move. I will connect you with my network of experts and together we will help you avoid the common mistakes of Chiang Mai newbies. We will make the move fun and easy so you can start living your best life as soon as you arrive.


Hailey and her colleague Sammie (aka The Visa Angel !) have nailed their business process for getting this visa. This process was extremely smooth & fast! In my life/career I have churned through ~8 residency/passport processes and this was honestly <5% of the average of previous dramas. It is almost as if Thailand wants us there... you don't quite get that vibe in the surrounding area!! I'm pretty happy that I stumbled upon this vid & took action!

-John, CPA from Australia

Hailey made it easy for me to get the Thai Elite visa. She filled out all the forms for me, walked me through the whole process -- and the process is not so easy in our current covid age (you're going to want an assistant to help with the myriad things the government asks of you). With Hailey I could just have her handle all of it -- and she can do your quarterly reportings too. So I think if you want a visa in today's world and planning to come to Thailand she's a very good choice. And she's also just very nice, like you see in the videos here.

-Brant, Canadian Entrepreneur moving from Korea

Hailey has been a wonderful asset with helping me get my Elite visa. She is extremely knowledgeable with all of the requirements including what is needed to enter Thailand. Hailey took care of everything for me and made the process very easy. Highly recommend!

-Shawn, American moving from Bali

I have just completed a more than two month process of assessing, decision-making and executing a plan for obtaining my Thai Elite visa, and Hailey has been an absolute star in shepherding me through it all. Especially in the difficult and changing conditions of Covid, her diligent professionalism made all the difference.

From my first consultation through to my arrival in Thailand, Hailey was a reliable, knowledgeable and courteous partner. She always made herself available, worked hard to track down accurate info, and generally gave me peace of mind that I was in good hands. She did all the leg work on the application and also resolved a number of random, tricky matters that cropped up along the way with both Thai immigration and Thai Elite themselves.

I don’t know how I would have made it through this process without her help and am very grateful for her dedicated efforts on my behalf. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a smart, honest and reliable consultant to help with their Thai visa.

-Steve, USA 

I want to extend kudos to Hailey. Besides being hugely pleasant she has stuck with me doggedly through the trials of getting home to Thailand. I recommend her wholeheartedly. You go girl.

-Jim G., USA

Thanks to RETIRE IN CHIANG MAI I got my Elite visa very easy, fast and without stress and now I'm in Thailand! Hailey Hicks she is a very good professional agent that give me a lot of information and help me a lot, she is also a very friendly and nice woman. I recommend to anybody that need a visa for come to Thailand in this hard time for travelers to contact her.

-Emiliano C., Italian Muay Thai fighter

Wow I found a friend in Hailey! She assisted me in my trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok for an important hospital visit. She flew with me, navigated us through Bangkok streets and taxis, and helped make my hospital appointment an easy enjoyable experience. We laughed and enjoyed the whole day and flew back to Chiang Mai feeling accomplished and successful.

-Diana M., Russia

I recently utilized Hailey's visa consultation service for getting into Thailand - and staying in Thailand.

She fully informed me of my visa options in a very clear and friendly manner that was tailored to my specific situation and lifestyle aspirations.

Hailey also shared some essential tips on some tricky parts of the process, such as best hotel accomodations and other things to make the process more comfortable.

She answered all the questions I had, and I felt much better about moving to Thailand after the call (goodbye anxiety!).

I'd highly recommend speaking with Hailey for anyone who wants to get into Thailand (and STAY in Thailand).

-Ian D., USA

Thanks Hailey for such wonderful service! 5 stars!

From start to finish Hailey took care of everything for my Elite visa - even some extra steps that were particular to my case!

Communication was very clear.

Highly recommended. I will ask Hailey to help with my brother's visa application next year.

-Matthew A., U.K.

Thanks Hailey for such wonderful service! 5 stars!

From start to finish Hailey took care of everything for me - even some extra steps that were particular to my case!

Communication was very clear.

Highly recommended. I will ask Hailey to help with my brother's visa application next year.

-Matt, UK

Just would like to drop a quick note to anyone interested in moving to Thailand, that when I was considering moving I happened to come across Hailey’s YouTube video and contacted her accordingly. She was a huge help in guiding me through the numerous hurdles and believe me it can be daunting! However her pleasant manner and infinite patience was a breath of fresh air and I am now living my dream having got my elite visa and now reside in Bangkok worry free. Thank you Hailey 

-Chris, UK

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